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Library Secrets...

A visitor to the library this week commented that “the world needs to know how easy it is to use the library now – this is not the library of my childhood!”  

Indeed! Here are a few library secrets that no one may have ever told you:

It’s your library!

  • You don’t need to belong to a library to attend the programs or use library spaces. You can attend programs or sit and read at our library or pretty much any other public library without a library card. 
  • Stay as long as you like. There are quiet spaces for study and work and noisier spaces for meetings and collaboration. There are also amazing outdoor spaces. Some of our spaces can be booked by individuals for meetings or classes. See our website  for information.
  • Eat if you are hungry. We have a healthy food vending machine. Our only rules are no messy foods at the computers, avoid smelly foods, and please clean up after yourself.
  • We have a coffee machine and the compostable pods only cost a dollar. Don’t want to spend a dollar? Bring your own instant coffee or tea bag, because the machine will give you hot water for free.
  • You can volunteer here. You can donate your books here. Most donated books are sold through our book sale room to support the library, but some end up in the collection or donated to other libraries or other worthy causes.

They are your resources!

  • You can reserve the items you want online, and we will let you know when they are ready. You can request to pick up your items at either library, and if you go to Laura’s there is a drive-thru so you don’t even have to get out of your car.
  • You can use Reserve Express (accessed through your account) to reserve books by your favorite author before the book is even published!
  • If we don’t have the book you are looking for, we will either buy it for the collection or try to borrow it from another library. Just make a request through your account or ask at the desk.
  • We have downloadable ebooks and audiobooks through Overdrive and magazines through Zinio.
  • We have access to gazillions of articles and other resources that are behind paywalls (like Consumer Reports, Valueline, or but are free to you as a member of the library. They can be accessed by searching “All Materials” or by clicking on an electronic resource from the Catalog page.

We know technology!

  • We offer Tech Help during special sessions, during tech classes, and pretty much any time at the desk.
  • Anyone can use a computer. If you don’t have a library card, we will give you a guest pass. Remember the library when you run out of ink at home! Anyone can connect to the wifi. No password required.
  • Our Xerox machine can email people. This is great for scanning and sending documents, especially really long documents which it speeds through.

We love to help!

Our staff are friendly and they know resources. Whatever it is you are trying to figure out, there is probably someone on staff who can help. Just ask!