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Library Support for Stressed Families

Children readingWe live in a world that never sleeps. Globally connected 24 hours a day, we are experiencing a rate of change across the spectrum of life that is unmatched in human history. There is so much new in the news every day that we simply cannot give it all the attention it deserves. 

This is a dilemma for parents and educators who want to prepare our children for an adult life we simply can’t predict. It’s also a stressor for our children as we try to hedge against the unknown by pushing them to learn more and do more, to get into the “hopefully right” college program.

The library is here to help.

  • Librarians are trained researchers. If you need quality information to help you make an important decision, we can help you find it.
  • We offer myriad programs addressing the challenges of today to better prepare you and your family for tomorrow. We bring in experts who can answer your questions.
  • We offer resources for people who want to learn new things on their own – books, programs, and digital tools.
  • Learning through discovery and collaboration are skills that will be integral to the 21st century workplace, and they are a focus of our children’s program development.
  • The library is a sanctuary space. We are a place where you can meet with friends and neighbors, explore with your children, ask a question, or sit quietly with a book. We have quiet spaces and sharing spaces. We have wonderful gardens and spectacular views.

Especially for parents this month:

  • Parenting Outside the Box Children: Transition Planning and Progression   We continue our series of monthly talks with a presentation by transition specialist Elizabeth Danner, who will discuss how to develop an education plan for your child that is focused on their eventual transition into adulthood. (Wednesday, April 5, 10:30 am, Laura’s Library)
  • Westlake High School speaker series: Is this Normal?   Professional counselor Chelsea Fielder-Jenks will help parents identify whether their child’s behavior is “normal” or a cause for concern regarding mental health, and what to do next. (Thursday, April 6, 12 noon, Westbank Library)
  • Stormy Seas: Helping Your Teen Skillfully Navigate Irritability and Anger   Psychologist Victoria Mueller will share approaches for parents to help their teenagers navigate the complex emotions of irritability and anger. (Thursday, April 13, 12 noon, Westbank Library)
  • How Young People Can Lead Remarkable Lives   In a fast-changing world, parents worry whether the education their children are receiving today will prepare them for tomorrow’s unknowns. Educator Antonio Buehler joins us again for a talk about constructing experiences for our children in a way that develops autonomous learning. (Tuesday, April 25, 6pm, Laura’s Library)
  • Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life   Antonio Buehler leads a discussion of Peter Gray’s book. Join us, even if you haven’t had time to read it! (Thursday, April 27, 6 pm, Laura’s Library)

Is there an education topic you would like to learn more about? Let us know!