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Ms. Leah is back!

We are so excited to have children’s librarian Ms. Leah back after her maternity leave! She’s dusting off the shaker eggs and her favorite read-aloud books. “I can't wait to catch up with old storytime friends and meet new ones too! Let's wiggle, dance, and read our way through the summer together!!” exclaims Ms. Leah.

Ms. Leah’s storytime activities focus on the six C’s of early childhood literacy education:

  • concepts – number, size, color, shape, weather, the senses, animals, letters and sounds
  • curiosity – What if? Why? How does this work?
  • communication – asking for help, saying hello, communicating emotions, listening
  • cooperation – paying attention, following instructions, cleaning up after oneself, taking turns
  • coordination – large motor (dance, jump, clap, wave) and small motor (draw, cut, glue) skills
  • collaboration – making choices, sharing, working together

Leah is the selector for most of our children’s books. We buy almost 3000 new items for the children’s collection every year, including works by favorite authors and fresh new titles you might not have seen elsewhere.  Currently her favorite three read-alouds are Giraffes Can’t Dance, Dog’s Colorful Day, and Leonardo the Terrible Monster. If you have a question about our children’s collection or want to request a book, Leah can help.