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Why Storytime?

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Hello all, Kristi, the Programs Manager for Westbank Libraries writing in October. I’m so glad I get to be in charge of the blog this month. Fall is my favorite time of year as it begins our holiday season. Because of that, this month I plan to list some of my favorite holiday books for kids. As many of you know I lead many of our storytimes at Westbank Libraries, so I'll include some of my favorite reads as well as songs, chants and fingerplays you may want to sing and experience with your child.

We love storytime at Westbank Libraries--in fact, here's a schedule! It is a great chance for us to get to know our families and also inspire kids’ reading and imagination. However, it is easy to forget exactly why it is so important, so we created a handout with highlights.

For today’s entry I want to spotlight songs we sing during storytime. I can’t speak for everyone, but when I became a new mom, I felt like I didn’t remember ANY of the songs I sang as a child and I was too tired to remember them. I see many of the storytime parents and caregivers feeling the same way.

Needless to say, reading and singing are important for your child. I could natter on about it, but instead, here is a nice and concise explanation on why you should be singing (even off-key) to your child.

I find it is very good to sing old favorites--there are the songs we all sort of remember, but don’t quite, and to us these may be just that--OLD, and thus old-hat, but these are songs everyone knows and your child will love them! Do you know why? Because you can sing it together! Every night before bedtime, my daughter and I would sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' and then I would give her kisses while I hummed it. She loved it and I did too.

If you need help with tunes and lyrics go to YouTube and bring up a video. And don’t forget it is also important to use motions with your hands as well. You can follow the words or make up any silly motions--these will be moments you and your child will cherish.

Happy Reading, er...Singing!