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Meeting Room Policy for Community and Non-Profit Groups

The Westbank Community Library District has two large Meeting Rooms. One Meeting Room is located at the Westbank Library, and is referred to as The Gathering Room. The other meeting room is available at The Laura Bush Community Library and is called The Scott Thornton Commons. Both rooms are primarily used for library-sponsored activities that further the mission of the Library. During regular library hours, Community & Non-Profit Groups of fewer than 15 people are welcome to use either Meeting Room when no event is scheduled. Please note that community groups may not have exclusive use of large Meeting Rooms during their meeting.

Groups of fewer than 15 people that may be informally approved include:

  • Educational or intellectual (if you are a tutor, please see our Tutor Policy)
  • Civic
  • Charitable groups

The Westbank Libraries are pleased to allow community groups to conduct public town hall meetings or candidate forums in our meeting spaces, pending room availability. As the host, the community group organizing the event will be responsible for set up and clean up. Finger foods and non-alcoholic drinks may be served. The community group is also responsible for their own PR, though the Library will post information about the event in its publicity if possible.

Candidate forums must include the majority of candidates, and all candidates must be invited to participate. The community group organizing the event is responsible for finding a moderator and publishing rules for the forum. Town hall meetings may be held by elected officials.

Any candidate forums or town hall meetings that are not open to the public will fall under our meeting room policies for private events.

Although we would love to honor every Meeting Room Request, due to the high volume of requests as well as the number of Library Programs, we simply cannot.

Reserving a Meeting Room

If you would like to reserve a room at either Library, please read the Usage Policy for Community Groups and then complete our request form.

Usage Policy for Community Groups

  • The Meeting Rooms shall not be used for any purpose that would prevent, discourage or interfere with the use of the Library, its Mission, or that is contrary to any Library policy.
  • During the school year at our Westbank location, The Gathering Room is unavailable between 4:00-6:00 Monday through Thursday due to heavy tutor usage. Westbank allows tutors to utilize the Gathering Room as a service to the Community.  (See Tutor Policy for more information). The Commons at Laura's Library does not have regular hours reserved for tutors.
  • Selling, solicitation, fundraising, or taking of orders is not allowed inside either Library.
  • Any group meeting is open to the public. Exclusive use of the Room is not guaranteed.
  • No outside group may schedule meetings more than 30 days in advance or less than a week ahead.
  • No person or entity may schedule a meeting more than once a month.
  • Groups using either Meeting Room are required to set up for their meeting and leave the room clean and in good condition.
  • Users shall pay the cost for repairs of any damages to the facilities or equipment.
  • The Westbank Library may not be given out as or implied as the address for the group, nor can the Library telephone number be provided as a source to contact about the group or meeting. Implied sponsorship by the Westbank Community Library District is not allowed. 
  • Smoking is not allowed on Library property.
  • Easels and a podium are available for use. Affixing items to walls or ceiling is not permitted.
  • Refreshments are permitted as long as no utensils are required. No alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed.
  • Kitchen facilities are not available for Community Group Meetings.
  • Groups must contact the Meeting Rooms Coordinator if changes are made to group size, meeting time, or if a cancellation is necessary.
  • Community Groups may not charge admission for meetings held on Library premises.
  • The contact person for any organization is responsible for ensuring that all participants know the details of any meeting they schedule in either Meeting Room.
  • A disclaimer must be provided on any publicity by non-Library groups stating the following: The Westbank Community Library District may not be contacted for information about this organization or this meeting.
  • Meetings may be cancelled if the Meeting Rooms Coordinator feels she has been given false or misleading information from a group.
  • The library reserves the right to reschedule meetings in case of library programs or emergencies and will notify the representative of any schedule changes with as much notice as possible. WCLD accepts no liability of the room if it is not available due to an emergency. 
  • Based on room usage patterns, policies may be revised without notice.
  • The Meeting Rooms Coordinator resolves all questions involving The Meeting Rooms.


The Westbank Library provides a Vizio smart TV (70" in the Gathering Room, 55" in the Collaboration Room, and 70" in the Scott Thornton Commons).  All TVs come equipped with an HDMI connection.  The library provides an HDMI to VGA adapter if the presenter needs this.  However, the presenter is responsible for bringing the following:
  1. Their own laptop, and
  2. Their laptop's appropriate connectors or adapters so that the laptop can connect to either a VGA or HDMI connection.
In addition, the Westbank Library now has Chromecast, so the presenter may check out the Chromecast stick if they prefer to screen cast wirelessly or demonstrate web-based applications.  We recommend presenters arrive 15-30 minutes prior to their presentation to unpack, get connected, and test their presentation on the library's services.  This time also allows the presenter to connect to the library's free wifi, if needed, and ensure that their presentation is ready before the program begins.

For further information email Meeting Rooms Coordinator

a/o February 23, 2011