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Tutor Policy

Tutor Policy

As a service to the Community, the Westbank Library District offers use of The Gathering Room upstairs at Westbank free of charge to tutors from 4:00-6:00 Monday–Thursday during the school year. Tutors are limited to working with three (3) students or less at a time. If no library programs are planned in the space, tutors are welcome to continue in the space past 6:00 until close. Tutors are welcome to tutor in other sections of the library with the exception of the Family Centers and the Community and Quiet Rooms.

There are no scheduled hours exclusively for tutors at The Commons at Laura’s Library. Instead, The Commons is available to all library users when not reserved.


  • Tutors are limited to working with three (3) students or less at a time.
  • The library does not provide secretarial services to cancel appointments, change pickup times, provide references, etc.
  • No tutoring is allowed in the Quiet or Community Rooms.

Exceptions: Library Programs

Although The Westbank Library District welcomes the use of The Commons at Laura's Library and The Gathering Room at Westbank Library to tutors, our first priority is Library Programming. During Library Programs, the space is unavailable for tutoring. For planning purposes, a sign by both Meeting Rooms will display times & dates of scheduled meetings. Occasionally the Library will need either space at the last minute. If a Program is scheduled, we ask that tutors vacate the room one hour prior to the Event.

Issues to Consider

  • Tutors should bear in mind The Commons and The Gathering Room are in constant use so the environment may be less than ideal for study.
  • If The Commons and The Gathering Room are unavailable, tutors can consider using the tables in another section of either Library. During peak usage periods, tutors may feel this environment is unsuitable for tutoring and prefer an alternate venue for tutoring sessions.

Further questions? Email Programs Librarian Kristi Floyd.