Westbank Native Pollinator Garden

garden-rainbowExciting news: we are transitioning our Community Garden into a Native Pollinator Garden!

Over the course of 2019-2020, our garden beds will be reconfigured and planted with perennials and annuals that are native to our area — plants that by definition do well in our low-water, high heat climate, and are natural sources of food and shelter for crucially important pollinators like honey bees, native bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds.

Our beehive, located at the far end of the garden behind a viewing screen, is in its third year and is thriving!

To be notified about volunteer opportunities, ask Alex about giving a honeybee presentation to your group, or suggest a garden-related programming topic, please send an email to our Garden Coordinator Alex Meyers at alex@westbanklibrary.com.

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