LAURA’S LIBRARY IS NOW OPEN!!!  Friday, September 29!

Anyone who came to programs at Laura’s Library last summer will remember how our air conditioning struggled. While we were able to get it repaired at the time, we were advised that the repairs wouldn’t last and that the HVAC system needed to be replaced. We began the procurement process last June, and the new equipment will finally be ready for installation beginning in April.

Laura’s Library will be closing for construction starting in April to replace the HVAC system, address facilities maintenance and updates, and make improvements to our outdoor spaces. Construction is estimated at 5-6 months.

  • HVAC  Our HVAC has had its last repair and needs to be replaced. The replacement units will utilize new technology and refrigerants, and capacity will also be increased in accordance with current building and occupancy codes. The project will require some modifications to the building as additional equipment is required in the large meeting room.
  • Facilities maintenance and upgrades  It is hard to believe Laura’s Library is 14 years old already! While we would have preferred to wait a few more years before doing updates, it makes sense financially to do this at the same time as the HVAC work. It also means we don’t need to close again in a few years to replace fluorescent lights with LEDs and address issues with the restrooms, staff spaces, limited storage, and fire doors.
  • Outdoor space improvements  Most exciting for us is that we will be extending the fencing in the back of the library all the way along the the edge of the top terrace, creating an outdoor seating area behind the adult wing and a new play and programming area behind the children’s area. New doors in the adult wing and children’s wing will provide access. The two backyard programming areas will have artificial turf to discourage habitation by the local wildlife (scorpions, centipedes, snakes, and ants), so they will be suitable for everyone from crawling babies to adults doing yoga.

We will also be adding a walking path along the back field with its lovely views over the hills. The grounds on that level will be developed with natural grasses over time for additional play and programming space.

Library collection  We are moving as many materials as we can to Westbank Library, while leaving a little bit of space on the shelves for new book purchases. Most of the Laura’s collection will be in storage and inaccessible for these few months. If we are missing something on our shelves at Westbank, let us know and we’ll try to borrow it from another library or purchase a digital copy.

The last day to pick up or return materials at Laura’s Library will be Friday, March 31. If you normally pick up reserves at Laura’s, they’ll be at Westbank instead until we re-open in early fall.

Library programming will move to Westbank. Expect your favorite programs to continue, including lots of fun programs over summer!

Construction will be paid for by funds saved for this purpose.  Through careful management of tax revenues, we save money every year for capital projects necessary to maintain the beautiful libraries this community has built. The library has no debt.

3/31:  28,000 books inventoried and packed

5/2: Laying out the scenic walking path and removing the old HVAC

5/12: Stonework is modified for new doors and AC equipment; backyards are prepped

5/26: Ground is prepped for artificial turf.

6/19: The walking trail is being laid out and constructed.

6/19: Ceilings are starting to be reinstalled while HVAC work continues in the meeting room.

7/7: Walking path progress, new fence posts, carpeting and paint

8/17: New seating will have shade trees; new fountain for the plaza

Doors to new backyard and terrace areas

9/1 Unpacking books while construction is completed in other areas

9/6 New turf and terrace expand usable outdoor spaces

9/22 View the new backyard area from a comfy windowseat