The library is tracking local COVID data and other community health information to help you with your decision-making for your families and businesses.


Free COVID testing is likely to end when the the federal COVID emergencies expire May 11. Stock up on free or insurance-reimbursed tests before then. (1/30/23)

Current CDC recommendations emphasize self-protection, testing and masking following exposure, testing if symptomatic, and isolating if infected. (8/19/22)

Current FDA guidelines for at-home testing recommend repeat testing following negative test results. (8/11/22)

Home test for COVID and Flu has been approved by the FDA. (3/23)


MASKING GUIDELINES related to community risk levels

  • LOW   Masking optional when gathering, dining, and shopping.
    • If you are up to date on vaccines:  Masking optional when gathering, dining and shopping. Mask when social distancing is not possible.
    • If you are at risk:  Indoor masking when gathering, dining and shopping.
  • HIGH   Indoor masking regardless of vaccination/risk status when gathering, dining and shopping.


  • Because of unreported home testing, case counts and transmission rate are no longer a reliable metric.
  • High positivity is a sign of high transmission (should be 5% or less).
  • Cases include confirmed plus probable per TX DSHS.  Travis County hospital counts include 5-county MSA.

  • Trauma Service Area O ICU beds available  27 adult  1 children
  • Eanes data  Last updated 3/31/23
    • 2020-2021 433     2021-2022  1933   2022-2023  363
    • 9 confirmed cases in the last 7 days; 3 active.


  • Shigella bacteria (which is easily spread and causes inflammatory diarrhea) is increasingly antibiotic-resistant. We are reminded to take hygiene precautions like washing hands often and well. Learn more from the CDC advisory. (2/24/23) NEW
  • Flu  Flu vaccines have been updated for the 2022-23 season (CDC). Stronger flu vaccines are recommended for those 65+.
    • 2.29% (moderate) of blood samples  in Austin this week were positive for flu (3/18/23). Down from 3.03% from the prior week.
    • 1.93% (low) of blood samples of people reporting flu-like symptoms in Texas this week were positive for flu (3/25/23), up from 1.65% last week.
  • RSV  Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus is cold-like, but can be very serious in children and older adults (CDC). It is contributing to increased pediatric hospitalizations (APH 10/22).
  • MPox  APH confirmed cases 276 (2/13/23)
  • MPox CDC monitoring  U.S. 30,286 cases; Texas 2,926 (3/29/23);  MPox emergency declaration ended 1/31/23 (HHS)
  • West Nile Virus   APH monitors the  mosquito population between May and November. West Nile precautions recommended despite heading into winter season (12/13/22).
  • Harmful algae may be present in Lady Bird Lake and Lake Austin (updated 3/10/23)
  • FDA Recalls



Austin/Travis County Health and City of Austin

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Federal Drug Administration

State of Texas