Public Service Assistant

We are readying our branches to be open both weekend days and offer more onsite programming for Summer Discovery! If you think you might be a good fit, please review all the steps before applying to make sure each detail is covered.

At Westbank Libraries, we believe everyone should leave us a little better off than when they came in. Whether they’ve found a great book, heard an amazing speaker, studied with friends, or learned how to use their new eReader, we want them to be grateful they visited. Part of that visit is the time they spend with you, helping them check out, answering their questions, recommending a favorite author, or showing them how to use the catalog. If you are friendly, flexible, conscientious, and very organized you might be just the person to join our team.

In addition to the application and resume, detail for us what other skills you have in a cover letter that will give us a good idea of some of your talents, which might include tech, programming, graphic design, writing, library experience, and/or outstanding customer service.

Please don’t call or drop in expecting to chat about the job, as we are busy running the library.

In an email, please attach:

    1. cover letter
    2. resume
    3. completed application

and send to humanresources@westbanklibrary.com

Before you send, please make sure that your detailed cover letter, resume, and application are attached as Word or PDF files. Include any questions you might have in the body of your email.

This is an anticipated 30-40-hour job paying $18/hour with generous benefits, and the schedule will include evening hours and a weekend shift each week. Staff will be required to work at both branches. Interviews may start before application closing date of 6/11/22.

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