Learn about which bird species are local to Austin and which birds you might see this spring and summer. We’ll also discuss how the eclipse affected bird migration and behavior.

May 11, 2024, is also Global Big Day, a day to observe and record bird behaviors with the eBird app.

Presented by Ginny Lindzey, the Team Leader at Wild Birds Unlimited Austin South. Ginny is also the creator, artist, and editor of Little Flyers, a zine for kids in the Austin area. Little Flyers features information, activities, pages to color, and more. Although Ginny spent over 20 years in the classroom teaching Latin, her eyes were always turned toward the birds represented in the lush garden frescos of the ancient Romans or fine border decorations on walls. Graceful herons, cheeky sparrows, rowdy pigeons, and the ubiquitous peacock have adorned her classroom walls for years. Now working at Wild Birds Unlimited she has officially gone to the birds!