Dinosaur Storytime, Nov. 9, 10:30am, WestbankThis prehistoric Storytime with BK Bones will rock! Bring one dinosaur toy from home to have it identified by a real paleontologist! BK Bones will also share a lively reading of a dinosaur Big Book, show some amazing fossil replicas, and get you moving and shaking with some super fun dinosaur songs. You’ll be delighted when you get to meet BK Bones’s adorable baby dinosaur puppet pal!

BK Bones, aka Bethany Burke, is a paleontologist and science educator who shares her passion for the prehistoric with engaging talks and lively demonstrations designed for preschool and school-aged children.

BK Bones’s presentations combine Bethany’s life-long interest in all things prehistoric with her joy of working with children. On the science side, she is a certified fossil preparator and member of many paleontological societies. A recent highlight for her was serving as a field intern at the Montana Dinosaur Center where she conducted field research at the dig site, prepped fossils in the lab, and led museum tours. In the education field, Bethany has been a preschool lead teacher and has worked with older children at camps and clubs where she has taught art, theater, and STEAM lessons.

These days Bethany’s favorite dinosaur is Spinosaurus, the only known semi-aquatic dinosaur. Bethany is quick to point out that paleontology isn’t all about dinosaurs, though. Her favorite prehistoric marine reptile, and her favorite ancient creatures of all, are the apex predators the Mosasaurs.

Onsite program attendance is at your own risk. If the weather is comfortable, we may move outside. Check our website for possible changes or cancellations.