This month’s meeting takes place at Westbank Library, upstairs on the second floor in The Gathering Room.

Lisa Johnson, author of Creatively Productive and Cultivating Communication in the Classroom, breaks time management into its parts ― goal-setting, prioritizing, identifying tasks, knowing yourself ― and provides tips and tools to use with your teens.

Johnson has devoted over two decades to supporting students and teachers in a variety of capacities. She holds a master’s degree in Curriculum, Instruction and has been honored as both an Apple Distinguished Educator and PBS Lead Digital Innovator for Texas. 

In addition to her two books, she has also contributed content to six other published books. Over the past decade, she has spoken at over a hundred conferences, events, and school districts in 20 different states and three different countries.

Westlake High School hosts a speaker series for parents focused on popular topics such as study skills, managing stress and anxiety, and tools for healthy parent/child relationships. All families are welcome.

Find the full Speaker Series schedule on the Healthy Chaps website.