This month’s meeting takes place at Westbank Library, upstairs on the second floor in The Gathering Room.

For decades, weight loss and dieting have been normalized as essential health behaviors. Our society conditions children, teens, and adults to pursue intentional weight loss as a measure of personal value, without considering the implications or medical consequences of these behaviors or beliefs. This presentation will address how the societally normalized intentional pursuit of weight loss and thinness increases health risks for children and adolescents. It will also provide education regarding eating disorder fundamentals, complications of eating disorders, and identification of eating disorder red flags, as well as provide tools, skills, and resources for parents supporting children and teens in eating disorder recovery. 

Natalie Grun is a registered dietitian in the greater Austin area and owner of a growing private practice that specializes in eating disorders, Empathy Nutrition Therapy. Natalie is a certified eating disorder specialist (CEDS) and certified intuitive eating counselor. She is a graduate from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. Prior to private practice, Natalie worked at Integral Care, a mental health agency in Austin. Natalie values patient-centered care, meeting her clients where they are at, and helping them discover their own definition of health without guilt or shame.

Kim Fry is passionate about helping both clients and clinicians learn how to effectively heal their relationships with their bodies, body image, and movement. Kim graduated from Northwestern University as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and has since worked at a family counseling nonprofit, an outpatient eating disorder treatment center, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, and an eating disorder-specialized group therapy practice. She is also a Clinical Supervisor for LMFT-Associates and has experience working in the fitness industry as a former barre instructor and certified personal trainer since 2017.

Kim is also the owner and founder of Autonomy Therapy, an Austin-based group therapy practice dedicated to providing inclusive and accessible counseling to individuals, couples, families, and groups. She specializes in providing education — in sessions, groups, employee training, presentations, and through customized online courses — about the importance of incorporating conversations about joyful movement, intuitive eating, and the development of authentic values into eating disorder recovery work to promote the most effective, holistic, and lasting mind-body healing experience for clients.

Westlake High School hosts a speaker series for parents focused on popular topics such as study skills, managing stress and anxiety, and tools for healthy parent/child relationships. All families are welcome.

Find the full Speaker Series schedule on the Healthy Chaps website.