Will Parker: Music for Kids Ages 1-100!

Join us for a whimsical and interactive musical performance by Will Parker.

Will Parker will play guitar and harmonica and sing original songs for kids of all ages. Come ready to sing along, dance, high-five, and give suggestions for an improvised song! From “The Royal Fancy Pigeon” to the “Fairy Lobsters,” Will’s imaginative musical creations are guaranteed to spark creativity and joy in the hearts of kids and families everywhere.

Will Parker is an award-winning children’s musician from Texas. He regularly tours the country, playing high-energy shows for kids. He sings and accompanies himself on guitar and harmonica, and performs original songs from his albums, Animal Maniac and Imagine Land. Will is also a theatre educator and an improviser. He has a passion for building arts-based communities and helping people of all ages discover the confidence they need to unlock their innately creative selves.