Frequently Asked Questions

Animals in the library2019-08-31T21:07:42-05:00

Service dogs which are trained to perform tasks for individuals with disabilities are welcome in the library.

Service animals should be carried or on the floor, but not sitting on furniture. If a service animal behaves in a way that poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, has a history of such behavior, is not under the control of the handler, or is not housebroken, that animal may be excluded. The library will still serve the patron without the animal present.

The Library may choose to offer educational programs for the public that include various animals. Such animals are permitted in the library for the duration of the program and must be accompanied by the owner at all times.

Other (non-service) animals are not permitted in the library.

Other Polices for Using the Library can be found on our Policies Page.
Ask a librarian2019-08-31T21:03:06-05:00
Assistance for the blind and visually impaired2019-08-31T21:26:04-05:00

For persons who have have no vision, low vision, or are unable to hold a book, the Library of Congress in conjunction with The Texas State Library and Archives Commission offers the Talking Book and Braille program.

Also, our libraries have NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) screen reader software installed on our public PCs. Ask a librarian for details on using the software.

Behavior at storytime and children’s programs2019-08-31T21:31:08-05:00

Most storytimes are designed for children up to about age six. We encourage parents and caregivers to participate along with their children, singing, dancing, doing fingerplays, making crafts, etc.

It is normal for young children to wiggle, make noise, or play during storytime as their attention spans develop.  Children who are disrupting the storytime experience for others should be taken out of the room until they are more settled. We have backyard space that is perfect for this.

We ask that parents and caregivers refrain from talking to each other and using their phones during storytime to set a good example for the children.

Parents and caregivers are responsible for the safety of their children in the library. Children age six and under must always have an adult within sight. Children 7 and 8 must always have an adult in the library.

Occasionally age limits will apply to children’s programs.

View our Policies Page for more information on conduct and safety.
Book donations and book sale room2021-12-07T13:05:38-06:00

Jeanne’s Book Store is run by an amazingly efficient and knowledgeable group of volunteers. To make a purchase from the book store, simply bring your selections downstairs to the checkout desk to pay. Prices include tax.

If you’d like to donate your good condition books, please bring your donations in small batches at a time (2 grocery bags or a box about that size) to the Westbank location. You may request a donation receipt at the desk if you need one.

We only accept donations at the Westbank location. Please do not donate magazines, encyclopedias, cassette tapes or videotapes, as we have difficulty finding a home for these items.

Catalog Tips2018-01-28T13:23:21-06:00

To login into your account or search our catalog, Click Catalog & Login on our menu, or visit https://westbank.biblionix.com/

Basic Tips and Examples — Keyword Search

Most likely, you’ll want to use this simple search. It performs a Google®-type search (including support for putting phrases in quotes). It searches all titles, subtitles, authors’ first and last names, various notes, and a number of other fields. You’ll be presented with the list of library items based on their relevancy to your search. Word order and letter case do not matter. NOTE: For searches with “AND”, “OR”, etc, use More Search Options.

To use this method, simply type a word, words, or phrase into the blank at the top of the screen. Then either push the Enter key on your keyboard, or click the GO! button. Other search options in the drop-down menu are “Title Starts With”, “Title Contains”, and “Author”.

Keyword Search Examples:

  • DVDs based on books by John Grisham:
    grisham dvd
  • The Lord of the Rings series:
    “lord of the rings”
  • Snakes in Texas:
    snakes texas
  • Items involving a particular fictitious character:
    jack ryan
  • That book you heard about once, written by somebody named Fred that has “Sea” somewhere in the title:
    fred sea

Detailed Searching Help

Account Management Help

Cell phone use in the library2019-08-31T21:41:37-05:00
  • Our libraries provide for a mix of activities, both quiet and noisy. We expect library users to curb the things they are doing that are disturbing to people around them.
  • Please silence your phone’s ringer, and take loud or long phone calls outside or into the lobby.
  • Read our Code of Conduct on the Policies Page for more information.
Code of Conduct2018-04-06T11:49:31-05:00

At Westbank Libraries, we expect visitors to respect others, respect property, stay safe, and obey the law.  Persons violating the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the library. Read the full Code of Conduct on our Policies Page for more information.

Consumer Reports2021-06-29T12:16:14-05:00

Consumer Reports Buyer’s Guides and current print issues available at each location in the reference section. Full memberships also have access to the electronic version of Consumer Reports. Visit the Instructions Page for step-by-step instructions on how to access Consumer Reports online from home.

Exhibiting art at the library2019-08-31T21:50:20-05:00

Our Art @ Laura’s page has information on exhibits, art guidelines, and how to submit your art.

Family Centers2017-07-05T14:27:53-05:00

Westbank Libraries has a Family Center in each of its locations. This is a closed off area designed for indoor play where kids and their caregivers can have a space for fun and exploration. Since the Family Centers are not soundproof, indoor voices are encouraged.

Food and drink in the library2019-09-01T10:45:05-05:00
  • Westbank Libraries offer coffee ($1) and healthy vending options (prices vary).
  • Outside food and drink are allowed, but messy foods and foods with strong odors should be eaten outside.
  • Drinks need lids.
  • Please clean up after yourself, and report any accidental spills or damage.
  • You can find our Code of Conduct and other policies regarding use of the library on the Policies Page.
Getting the newsletter2019-09-01T10:58:00-05:00

Members of the library are automatically enrolled in our twice-a-month newsletter when they join the library. If you are not a member and would like to get the newsletter, you can subscribe here. If you wish to unsubscribe, simply click on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of a newsletter.

Getting a library card2018-04-06T10:27:07-05:00

If you live in the Westbank Community Library District or the Eanes Independent School District, you are eligible for a free Family Membership.

For households outside the district, there are several membership options available. We are not part of Austin Public Library.

New members must present proof of residency.

Click here to view different levels of membership: Membership Options.


Hours & Holidays2024-04-26T16:18:11-05:00

Monday through Thursday
10am to 7pm
Friday through Sunday
10am to 5pm

2024 Holiday Closures

  • New Year’s Day: January 1
  • Martin Luther King Day: January 15
  • Easter: March 29-31
  • Memorial Day: May 27
  • Independence Day: July 4
  • Labor Day: September 2
  • Thanksgiving: November 27-29
  • Christmas: December 24-26
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)2017-06-28T11:12:29-05:00

Interlibrary loan is the process by which we borrow materials from another library system. Getting items from other libraries can take up to 30 days. This service is usually free but occasionally a library will charge for this service. We will let you know if this is the case before the request is confirmed. See the Requesting an item page for steps to place an interlibrary loan request.

Internet Use and Wifi2019-09-01T13:16:04-05:00

Internet is available to all visitors using library computers or wifi. Our Internet Use Agreement is found on our Policies Page.

Library cards for teachers2020-01-03T14:44:56-06:00

Area school employees can get a free Neighbor Card membership, which allows for 20 items at a time. View other details here: Membership Options.

Library programs are free2019-09-01T11:11:13-05:00
  • Programs are free and open to the public – membership or library cards are not required
  • No registration required unless noted in the program description
  • Some programs have strict age restrictions
  • Visit our Programs Page for general program descriptions
  • Visit our calendar to know what’s on now!
Lost library cards2017-06-28T09:34:56-05:00

If you have lost a copy of your library card, you can purchase replacements copies for $1. You can also create an electronic copy of your card on your smartphone. If you suspect theft, come to the information desk to get a new card number.

Member Guide2024-01-25T11:06:16-06:00

View our Member Guide.

Membership limits and privileges2021-07-22T10:59:08-05:00
  • Books, audiobooks, DVDs and magazines check out for two weeks.
  • Physical items can be renewed twice as long as they are not on reserve for another member.
  • eBooks, digital magazines and digital audiobooks from Overdrive and CloudLibrary check out for two weeks (available to Family Memberships only).

See Membership page for details on specific membership limits.

Newspapers and magazines2021-07-22T10:51:07-05:00

We have three newspapers delivered daily to each location:

  • Austin American Statesman
  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal (delivered on business days)

We also offer other print publications such as Barron’s, Investor Business Daily, and the Picayune. Access electronic issues of newspapers through your Catalog Account and select your choice under the Electronic Resources banner.

Magazine selection varies by location. We have a wide array, including magazines for youth and teens. The most recent issues are available for in-library use. Back issues can be checked out. Electronic magazines are available through Overdrive.


The Westbank Library parking lot can be full when events are going on.  We encourage you to carpool for large events if you can, but if you arrive and the lot is full, here are some tips to help prevent a parking ticket or getting towed.

  • You may park on the library’s grass along Westbank Dr. as long as you car is COMPLETELY off the road.
  • During the summer ONLY, you may park in the Eanes parking lot.  There is a walk-out gate near the library that you can use for easy access to the library.
  • Parking is available along Pinnacle Road after 10:00am.
  • Do not park in the Staff Parking Log or block the drive to the Staff Lot.
  • Do not park along Silver Hill Rd between 11am and 2 pm. Parking tickets are issued during that time.

Posting on our bulletin board2019-09-01T11:39:25-05:00

Space in the foyer of both Westbank and Laura’s Library has been set aside for community displays. The Community News Bulletin Board may be used to advertise events, sales, and other community news and is limited to a single flyer.  All items must be signed and dated by desk staff.

Any circumstances not covered in the above rules and policies will be resolved by discussion with the Library Director/Associate Director and/or Programs Librarian.

To post:

  • Get a date stamp and thumb tack from the checkout desk.
  • Max size 8-1/2” x 11” at Westbank and 8-1/2” x 5-1/2” (half-sheet) at Laura’s. No duplicate postings.
  • ŽNotices are removed after one month, or after the event has taken place.
  • Be tidy – do not to cover other people’s notices.
Presenting a program in the library2020-01-24T12:03:32-06:00

Westbank Libraries offers a wider variety of programming for all ages. We love to partner with community organizations or those with special expertise to present programs that may be of interest to our community. Please note that all library programs must be educational in nature and not a promotion for a business or organization. If you’d like to present a program at the library, please email our programs manager Leah. Not all requests for presenting a program can be accepted because of our full schedule. It may take up to one month to receive a reply for a request.

Printing, scanning, photocopying, and faxing2021-07-22T11:10:05-05:00

Four Ways to Print

Printing is currently free. Please limit to as few pages as possible.

Computers print to the Color Printer (Xerox machine) by default. Double-sided available.

USB drive must be formatted as FAT32 and be less than 32GB in size.
Supported formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF3

Submit your document through our web form at westbanklibrary.com/print-and-pick-up-service/ We will email you when your printouts are ready.


  1. Email your attachment to print@PrintByXerox.com (first time users will receive an emailed password)
  2. Walk up to our Xerox machine and open the@PrintByXerox app on the touch display, then enter your email address and password.
  3. Select your print job, press Print to release.
    Supported formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Microsoft Word


Use our Xerox machine to scan and save to your USB drive, or scan to an email as a PDF attachment. Both options are free.


Copying is currently free. Please limit to as few pages as possible.


You may use our fax machine for outbound documents up to 20 pages going to domestic or toll-free numbers.

Program registration and limits2020-01-24T13:26:14-06:00

Registration is not required for the majority of library programs. From time to time, we may place limits based on the number of materials we have, or by age, depending on the content of the program. Fire code limit for The Commons at Laura’s is 252 and for The Gathering Room at Westbank is 100.

For questions about programs contact the Programs Manager Leah.

Reading Recommendations2020-12-05T10:59:31-06:00

Visit our Suggested Reads and Kid’s Room pages for help with finding your next read. In addition, Westbank Librarians have curated lists based on books you have liked on our catalog page.

There are also read-alike recommendations embedded within catalog items by Novelist software. You can learn how to find a read-alike by watching this video:

Contact us, and we can help find your next book.

Renewing your items2020-01-03T14:53:14-06:00

To renew an item from home, log in to your Catalog Account and select My Account. Next, click ‘Items Out/Renew’ and then the ‘Renew’ button for the items you wish to renew.

  • Books, audiobooks, DVDs and magazines may be renewed twice if they have not been reserved by another library member.

You can also give us a call or drop us an email, and we will help you with your renewals.

Research Assistance2017-07-06T17:44:00-05:00

Westbank Libraries have many degreed librarians on staff who are trained to do research. They can

  • help you find quality resources in our collections and beyond
  • help you with citations
  • teach you how to search databases
  • teach you how to see and access what other libraries have in their collections


Return items at either library2017-06-28T10:21:10-05:00

Checked out materials can be returned to either Westbank or Laura’s Library, regardless of check out location.

Safety of children2019-09-01T12:20:31-05:00
  • All children are the responsibility of their parents or caregivers, not the library.
  • Children 6 and under need to be with an adult.
  • Children 7 and 8 must have an adult in the library.
  • No running, climbing, or throwing things.
  • See more information in our Code of Conduct.
Self checkout2019-09-01T12:21:48-05:00

We have self checkout stations at each location. To use these you will need your physical library card or the electronic copy of your card from your phone. You can only renew items on these stations if you have the materials with you (we can renew for you at the desk if you left them at home).

Software on our computers2017-06-21T17:30:51-05:00

Operating System:

  • Windows 10

Web Browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer


  • Windows Media Player
  • VLC Video LAN


  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Reader
  • Foxit Reader


  • NVDA
  • Screen Magnifier


Technology Help2023-09-14T09:19:11-05:00

We will gladly help you with the use of any library provided technology. We offer the following tech help:

  • Basic use of our public computers, printers, and copiers.
  • App setup for ebooks and audiobooks from Libby and cloudLibrary
  • Getting ebooks to your Kindle from the Libby app.
  • Navigating the catalog and your library account online.
  • Accessing and using our digital library.

Check our calendar for our Tech Help program.

TexShare card for visiting other libraries2020-01-03T15:02:05-06:00

Those with a full family membership can get a TexShare card to use at participating libraries outside of our system, such as Austin Public Library. Ask at the front desk for more information.

If you live outside the library’s district or do not have a paid full membership, you will need to visit your home library for a TexShare card.

Tutoring in the library2017-07-06T17:57:54-05:00
Westbank Libraries recognize the service that tutors provide in supplementing the education of members of our community. Tutors are welcome to tutor in open library spaces (not enclosed quiet rooms) if they can do so without disturbing others. Tutors are limited to working with three students or fewer at a time.
Because of our proximity to the high school, the upstairs meeting room at Westbank is reserved for after-school tutoring from 4:00-6:00 on Mondays through Thursdays during the school year. If no evening programs are scheduled, tutors may continue to use the space until 7:00. Otherwise, they may continue tutoring elsewhere in the library until the library closes.
Using public computers2017-06-22T11:17:28-05:00
  • Log in to our public PCs using your library card number and phone number.
  • Guests of the library may obtain a guest pass for computer use at the information desk.
  • Usage is limited to 60 minutes at a time per day for guest pass users.
  • Visit our policies page for Code of Conduct and Internet Use Agreement.
Volunteering at the library2019-11-17T14:11:52-06:00

Our libraries could not succeed without all the additional help that comes from hundreds of volunteers each year.  Learn more about volunteering at the library:

Volunteer Page

We are not part of Austin Public Library2019-09-01T12:44:48-05:00

Austin Public Library and its 21 branches are supported by taxes through the City of Austin. Westbank Libraries are a separate library district which aligns approximately with the Eanes School District and which is funded by a portion of sales tax collected in the area.  If you live in our district, your taxes support our library and membership is free.

If you live outside our district, your taxes likely support Austin Public Library or another area library. Ask at the desk or call us, and we will help you figure out which library is yours.

If you wish to join our library we have several membership options available.

We have puzzles2019-09-01T13:12:15-05:00

Check out the puzzle exchange at Laura’s Library located on the bottom shelves of the Reserve area. These are free to a good home, or bring them back when you are done, or bring us one you are done with.

Where to find test proctoring2019-01-28T16:52:57-06:00

We do not offer exam proctoring services. Here are some local organizations that do proctoring for a fee:

Print this list

Where to find a Notary Public2017-06-28T11:33:02-05:00

Westlake Mail
3736 Bee Cave Road
West Lake Hills, TX 78746
(512) 328-3062

The UPS Store
3267 Bee Cave #107
Austin, Tx 78746
(512) 328-7933

Mail Center USA
3300 Bee Cave Rd #650
Austin, TX 78746

Westbank Library

1309 Westbank Dr Austin, TX 78746 · Map it!

Laura Bush Community Library

9411 Bee Cave Rd Austin, TX 78733 · Map it!

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