Library Districts

Director Beth Fox watches as the Texas Legislature creates library districts.

Westbank Community Library District is one of just fifteen library districts in the State of Texas. It was created as the first library district in 1998 by a vote of the community following the passage of Local Government Code 326, which authorized the creation of library districts to be funded by a percentage of local sales tax. Library districts operate within defined geographical boundaries and are created in areas that are lacking in other governmental support for a library.

Library Districts differ from other public libraries in Texas in that they are stand-alone government entities. They are considered political subdivisions of the State, and special purpose districts.

Library districts have a five-member unpaid elected Board of Trustees who serve two-year staggered terms. Elections are called once a year (Westbank holds November elections), but they may be cancelled if the number of candidates is less than or equal to the number of open positions. Most library districts have paid staff to run their libraries.

Library districts are subject to the Open Meetings Act, the Public Information Act, the Public Funds Investment Act, and various other laws pertaining to ethics, elections, purchasing, and employment.

Local Government Code 326

Creating a library district in Texas

Westbank Community Library District Map