Meeting Rooms

Our libraries have large meeting rooms at both locations which are primarily used for library programs. When the rooms are free, community members are welcome to share the spaces to work, study, or meet in small groups. Consult our programming calendar to determine when meeting rooms might be free.

During the school year, the upstairs meeting room at Westbank is allocated for after-school study and tutoring on Monday-Thursday. Tutors may use other open spaces in the library as well if they can do so without disturbing others. Small meeting rooms may be designated as quiet spaces when the libraries are otherwise busy, and they may not be used for tutoring.

The library is not currently reserving spaces for private use other than to meet limited local government needs.  We hope to resume room reservations later in 2023, following a construction project at Laura’s Library to replace the HVAC system and make needed updates.

Full view of the gathering room at Westbank Library

Gathering Room @Westbank

Full room view of the Macklin Room

Macklin Room @Westbank

Full room view of the Scott Thornton Commons

The J. Scott Thornton Commons @Laura’s