Meeting Rooms

Our libraries have multiple spaces which members of the community may use to work, study, and meet throughout the day, including

  • the Gathering Room at Westbank (upstairs, not enclosed),
  • the Macklin Room at Westbank (seats 8 around tables), and
  • The J. Scott Thornton Commons at Laura’s Library (large, enclosed room).

We also have outdoor spaces which may be suitable for groups to meet.

Uses of Library Spaces

Library programs  The libraries typically host 70-100 programs per month, and these take priority.  Our current calendar can be found here.

Unscheduled use  The community is welcome to work, study, and meet in small groups in our meeting spaces throughout the day. Maintaining open spaces for these purposes is a priority for the library.

Quiet zones  When the library is busy, some parts of the library may be designated as quiet spaces.

Tutoring  During the school year, the upstairs Gathering Room at Westbank is allocated for after-school study and tutoring on Monday-Thursday. Tutors may use other open spaces in the library as well if they can do so without disturbing others. Smaller rooms like the Macklin Room may not be used for tutoring.

Private use  Subject to schedule availability, meeting room reservations may be approved for nonprofit and not-for-profit membership meetings or for local governmental entities performing governmental work. Meetings held outside of library hours will require the hiring of an approved security guard. Request using the form below.

Room rentals  We do not rent out or reserve our rooms for events or for commercial uses.

Restrictions & Procedures


  • Leave the space in the condition you found it.  Non-messy, non-smelly foods and covered drinks are allowed. Do not eat near book shelves or computers. Dispose of all trash. Replace any furnishings that have been moved. Ask for cleaning supplies if you need them.
  • Group size  Tutors are limited to no more than three students at a time. Unscheduled groups in a shared space should have no more than 8 people.
  • Noise  All visitors should endeavor to not disturb others in the area with noise. See our Code of Conduct and other policies.
  • Time limit  Meetings should generally conclude within 2 hours to prevent impacting other schedules or groups.

Room Reservations Specifics

  • No single occupancy use.  The library does not have study rooms, and rooms designed for sharing may not be reserved for single occupancy use.
  • Damage to property is the responsibility of the person reserving the room.
  • Capacity  Room reservations may allow for groups of up to 30, possibly more depending on the room, the timing, and the furniture configuration. Meetings that exceed seating capacity or safety restrictions will be canceled.
  • Frequency Rooms may not be reserved more frequently than monthly. Reservations are accepted up to 60 days in advance.
  • TV monitors have HDMI connections and cables. Presenters should bring their own laptops and connection converters.
  • Meetings should not be open to the general public or advertised to the general public. Room reservations are for membership meetings (ex: HOAs, scout groups, student groups, local association meetings), plus governmental activities (like elections). Communications regarding meetings held at the library must include wording that makes it clear that the library is not a host for the meeting. The library will not field inquiries about the meeting.
  • Security guards may be required at the expense of the person reserving the room.

Other restrictions and procedures may apply as communicated by staff.

    Meeting Room Reservation Request

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    Requests will be responded to within 3 to 5 days.