Library Membership

Family Membership TypesAccessItems out at a timeDigital AccessReserves (Holds)RenewalsILL (Interlibrary Loan) Service
Full Access MembershipFree if you live in district or Eanes ISD
OR $100/yr for out-of-district*
Neighbor Membership$35/yr for out-of-district*50No102XNo
Teacher MembershipFree to teachers and school employees of Eanes ISD or other schools within the Westbank Community Library District
Texas MembershipFree to Texas Residents10No32XNo

    Our cards are family accounts. Please do not sign up for a new card if another family member has ever had a library card. If you're not sure, email us at

    You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a library card.

    Please note that Laura's Library is currently closed for construction.

    Are you at least 18 years old?

    Do you live in the Eanes School District (most of ZIP codes 78746 or 78733)?

    If you do not live in the Eanes School District, which account would you like to sign up for?
    Texas (Free)Neighbor ($35/yearly)Full ($100/yearly)Teacher Card (documentation required)

    Is this a cell phone or land line?

    Do you prefer Laura's or Westbank for pickup?
    Laura's - temporarily closedWestbank

    Overdue contact preference: Phone call, email, or text?
    phone callemailtext message

    Reserve contact preference: Phone call, email, or text?
    phone callemailtext message

    Do you want a 3-day pre-due reminder?

    If so, email or text?
    emailtext message

    Do you want your checkout receipt printed or emailed?

    Please note that getting a library card is not immediate. A staff member will look at your form and should respond within a day or so when the library is open. You are also able to sign up at the library during normal business hours.